Now you can use the same products as Veggiescapes! 


We buy all of our organic heirloom tomatoseeds from TomatoFest.  We have been purchasing from Tomato Fest for over a decade and love all of their great varieties.  Here are our tried and true favorites:

Cherry Tomatoes:   Black Cherry, Coyote (Yellow),Lollipop (Yellow), Tommy Toe (Red)

Red Slicers/Salad - Big Beef, Giant Buffalo Heart, Clint Eastwood, Taxi (Yellow), Old Brooks, Ceylon (Red Ribbed)

Sauce Tomatoes/Canning -  Giant Buffalo Heart, Old Brooks, Full Flavor Paste

Container - Silvery Fir Tree

Colorful Heirlooms -  Black Crimson, Box Car Willie (Orange/Red), Hillbilly (Yellow),  Northern Lights (yellow-orange-red blush),

Early Varieties -  Northern Lights (yellow-orange-red blush), Silvery Fir Tree (Red Slicer - Great Container Plant!), Earliana (pinkish red)

Botanical Interest is our local seed company that we have purchased seeds from for over 15 years. 

We appreciate the high quality and variety of their seeds. 

They offer lots of great organic and heirloom varieties as well. 

I especially love the large herb packets for basil and cilantro. 

I personally use their sprouting mixes for growing sprouts on my counter year round.

Checkout Botanical Interests website to find your new favorite seed varieties!

Gardening Supplies

Boot Strap Farmer is a great site for all of your growing supplies.  They have everything from small pots, trays and seedling heat mats to get started to greenhouse building demos.  They have great reviews online as well, so you can feel safe ordering from Bootstrap Farmers!

Try Fermentation!

Vegetable gardening isn't all about growing food.  You also need to process the harvest.  I use canning and fermentation to process large harvests to preserve them for using later.  Fermentation is a great way to preserve the harvest and get healthy probiotics into your gut everyday. has great resources to get you started on fermenting!  

Grow Sprouts Anytime!

Try Making Sprouts! 

Sprouts are a healthy addition to your salads that can be grow anytime of year indoors.

To grow sprouts, all you need is a sprouting jar and seeds.  I do a single layer of seeds on the bottom of the jar and soak them overnight.  The next morning, I rinse the seeds and drain the jar upside down into a bowl on the counter.  Repeat twice a day until the sprouts have green leaves.  They don't store long, so don't make too many at once.  Only sprout what you will eat in 3-4 days.

Get your supplies here!

Not into vegetable gardening?  Well, I find that hard to believe, but bonsai could be for you.  I love to have a few bonsai in the greenhouse.  Careful, though, bonsai can easily become your new obsession.  Get started with these bonsai that are under $30.  Check out the Bonsai Boy website for all your bonsai needs.