Edible Landscape Services and Supplies

Gardening Services:

Till and Amend Existing Beds

Expand Your Garden

Build Raised Garden Beds

Plant Fruit Trees and Berry Batches

Install, Upgrade, or Automate Irrigation Systems

Get Soil/Compost Delivered

Be Creative, Let Us Know How We Can Help!

 Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.  We are here to help if we can!

Veggiescapes Plant Tips Booklet In PDF Available

Great tips for care of almost all of your veggie plants in an easy to use and reference booklet.

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Berry  Plants Available!

 Blueberry, Raspberry*, Blackberry*, Goji Berry*, Mulberry*, Chokeberry*, and Jostaberry*. 


Check Out Our Full Selection Here!


***We no longer offer Pick Your Own Farm Visits.***


Are You Chicken?

Come on we dare you...

Start Your Urban Flock!

Chickens provide more than just eggs, they are composters!  Feed them food scraps get compost!  Chickens also will  help eat problem insects in your garden (Slugs! Yum!) and can cut down on mosquito populations.  Plus hours of entertainment!