Berry Plants Now Available for the 2021 Season! 

These plants are available for pick up in North Longmont or Boulder on Tuesdays. 

Plant Sales on Saturday & Sundays in May!

2242 Lincoln St, Longmont 

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry  $15/plant-  Thornless semi-erect canes may need support under heavy fruit load. Summer-bearing floricane. Late season. Heat-tolerant. Ripens in early August. Self-pollinating.

Concord Seedless Grapes $35/plant-  Exceptional hardiness, vigor and disease resistance. Seedless. Heat-tolerant. Self-pollinating. Ripens in mid September.

Candice Seedless Grapes $35/plant -  Bears medium-size, firm, red grapes that keep well on the vine. Seedless. Ripens in mid-August, and can be picked through September. Self-pollinating

Neptune Seedless Grape $35/plant -  largest white grape. This variety produces big, juicy grapes with bold flavor. Conical clusters stay together, making for beautiful additions to fruit baskets or centerpieces. Disease-resistant. Resists cracking. Ripens in early September. Self-pollinating.

Reliance Seedless Grapes $35/plant -  A juicy, deep-red grape that is flavor-packed. This variety is perfect for eating fresh or putting in fruit salads. Also makes an irresistible, healthy snack for kids. Vigorous vines produce generous clusters. Blooms late to avoid spring frosts. Seedless. Disease-resistant to anthracnose and mildew. Ripens in August. Self-pollinating.

Yellow Raspberry $15/plant -  This sunshine-colored fruit has a unique flavor with hints of apricot. These large, sweet, firm berries will liven up tarts, jams and salads. They also freeze well. The hardy and productive plant bears in the first year. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. Fall-bearing (everbearing) primocane with a summer crop. Floricane berries ripen in July and August. Primocane berries ripen in September through frost. Self-pollinating.

Red Raspberry $15/plant -  Harvest raspberries your first year. This variety produces abundant crops of large, sweet, dark red berries that are perfect for eating fresh, canning, freezing, or making jams and jellies. Self-supporting, upright canes are hearty enough to grow in poor soil, but requires a well-drained site. Cold-hardy. Fall-bearing (everbearing) primocane with a summer crop. Floricane berries ripen in July. Primocane berries ripen in September through frost. Self-pollinating. 

June & Everbearing Strawberries - $6 per 4-pack of plants

Veggie Seedlings


Quick Tomato Guide

Red Slicers/Salad - Big Beef, Giant Buffalo Heart, Ding Wall Scotty, Favorite, Log Keeper

Sauce Tomatoes/Canning -  Giant Buffalo Heart, Big Italian Plum, 

Cherry Tomatoes - Black Cherry (Purple), Fruit Punch (Pink), Grandpa's Minnesota (red)

Colorful Heirlooms -   Hillbilly (Yellow), Blue Fruit (Purple), Faribo Goldheart (Yellow)

Early Varieties -  

 Tomatoes-All Heirloom Organic Seed!

2 1/2" pots -  $4/each, 3 for $10

Gallon Pots - $5.00 - Many varieties available in gallons, but not all!

Big Beef - 70 day,This is a de-hybridized version of  an American favorite. These large, juicy, fruits combine old-fashioned beefsteak flavor with heavy yields.  1-pound, round to globe-shaped. Flavor is full and hearty with lots of sweet juice balanced with that wonderful tomato acidity. These giants slice up perfectly for big sandwiches. Fruit stays large even at the end of a long harvest season.

Big Italian PlumRegular leaf plants yield large, red, 8-12 oz., paste type tomatoes that resemble fat banana peppers. Excellent for thick paste tomato and canning. A great standard for your garden.

Black Cherry- Yields clusters of 1", round, deep purple, cherry tomatoes, 64 Days, Early-season, Open pollinated 

Giant Buffalo Heart - 75 Day plants that yield lots of 16 oz., pale rosy pink, buffalo heart-shaped fruits with firm flesh and packed with good flavor. Rare tomato seeds.

Ding Wall Scotty - 76 Days, producing clusters of 3 to 4, 2-inch, round, red tomatoes with rich flavors and just the right touch of acidity. A wonderful tomato!

Faribo Goldheart - 81 day, Prolific regular leaf plants produce lots of 3-inch, 4-6 oz., orange globes with delicious 'nutty' fruit flavors. These tomatoes are round or oblate, not heart-shaped as the name would indicate. Sweet flavor with a nice acidic finish. Good tomato for salads or canning.

Favorite - 90 day, regular leaf very productive plant produces big bunches of 10-12 oz., smooth, bright-red fruits. An American favorite.

Fruit Punch Cherry Tomato - 75 Day, produce big, sprawling plants that yield a prolific crops of 1 oz., round, pink, thin-skinned fruit that "achieves a new level of sugar-sweetness and a tangy 'true tomato' taste." Super fruity sweet. Surprisingly crack resistant, even in heavy rains, considering the delicate thin skin.  This tomato will give you pleasure. You will love it!

Hillbilly - 85 Day producing 1-2 lb. huge, heavily-ribbed, orange-yellow fruit with red mottled skin and red streaks within. Very sweet, fruity flavors. Low acid.

Good Old Fashioned Red - 75 days, Very productive variety producing 3 to 4", Slightly flattened, red beefsteak tomatoes with intense flavor. Exactly what the name implies. These tomato plants produce far more fruit than most varieties.  A great choice for sandwiches, salads or sauce.

Grandpa's Minnesota - 75 day, red, Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces 1-inch, red, round, cherry tomatoes have a mild sweet flavor. You'll want to keep this as a garden staple.

Long Keeper - 75 Day, Hearty plant produces huge amounts of 6 oz., round fruits. Popular for it's good taste and long storage ability. Because of slow-ripening qualities fruits become ripe1-3 months after harvesting. If picked in late fall, after fruit reaches a pale pink blush, unblemished fruit that is stored without touching, at around 65 degrees, can last for 4 months. Light orange-red color when ripe, with pink flesh.

Blue Fruit - 76 Day Big, bushy, potato-leaf plants that yields big crops of 2-3", 8 to 10 oz., round, purple-gray tomatoes with unique, rich, robust tomatoey flavors.


Veggie Starts 2 1/2" Pots 

Sweet Peppers 

Chablis – 60 day early pepper

Orange Blaze 65-70 Day

Baron Red Bell Pepper

Chile Peppers

Chenzo - medium hot, black to red, 82-85 days

Early Jalapeno - very hot, green to red, 60-65 days

Sriracha Peppers - Make your own hot sauce!

Habanero Red Primero

Habanada - Heatless Habanero, great taste, no heat

Big Jim - large green chile with great flavor

Serrano Hot Peppers

Shishito Pepper Dragon & Takara Varieties – 60 Day, great flavor for sauté or grilling

Summer Squash

Patty Pan - try this fun shaped alternative to zucchini!


Yellow Straight Neck 

Winter Squash


Pumpkin - Jack O Lantern, Big Moon Pumpkin, 



Honey Dew - Green




Early Spring Burpless 58 Day

Marketer – 55-70 Day






Parsley - Italian flat leaf

Culinary Sage